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Dear WAAAG Friends,


Wow! This year has been a whirlwind! And because of your generosity and support, WAAAG has been very busy saving dogs and cats! We started off the year with Darbie, Abby, Caleb and Patches. Soon we welcomed Rita and her puppies and then rescued Molly and her puppies from a cage with no shelter outside in sub-zero temperatures. At first Molly’s owner only surrendered her puppies. He said he wanted to keep Molly because she was his “buddy”. Days later, Molly was still tied to a rusty old trailer out in the cold, wet weather. This time when the owner was approached, he agreed to give her up. It was a beautiful reunion when Molly showed up at WAAAG and was able to be with her puppies again! Spring came and our boy Caleb who had spent 12 years on a chain in the middle of a field was adopted! And not only adopted but then took a trip across county and dipped his toes in the Pacific Ocean! Can you imagine? From a chain to a world traveler! As homes were found for others, we were able to also save Joy, Brittany, Cody, Diesel (#2), Mia and Connor.


And the kitties! With our new cat cabin fully up and running, we were able to save more cats than ever before! Lu-Lu, Sawyer Brown, Batman, Poppy, Remy, Sissy, Shadow, Smokey, Tigger, Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie, and Cookie all found amazing homes. Because of our wonderful fosters, we were able to take in Clayburn, Sally, Carrie, Ernie, Mitzi and Athena with her tiny kittens. Unfortunately, 4 of Athena’s 5 kittens were too small and weak to survive. We were devastated. But then something unbelievable happened! Just days after her kittens passed away, another litter of kittens, days old, without a mother appeared at Marshall Vet. And guess what?! Athena took them in and nursed every one of them into healthy kittens who went on to wonderful homes! We still have some kitties - Clara, Clayburn, Sally, Pumpkin, Pecan and the 3 Amigos that are waiting for you, if you’re interested. 


At WAAAG, our volunteers do it all! We have no paid staff. Volunteers dedicate their time to WAAAG because we want to be a part of something that is bigger than us. Something that is changing the lives of these sweet furbabies. It’s about saving the animals. These women and men spend their valuable free time feeding animals, walking dogs, cleaning out litter boxes, transporting animals to and from Marshall Veterinary Clinic and adoption events, raising money, gathering items for auctions and raffles, keeping up with paperwork, picking up supplies, posting on social media, advertising on adoption sites, writing thank you cards, acquiring help from Crest Hill Training when needed, washing and folding laundry, fixing leaky water pipes, going out at 2AM to start the generator so the animals have heat when the power goes out, tucking them in at night and telling them we love them, and so much more. This year Molly, Abby, Muffin and Patches were all adopted by some of our amazing volunteers who fell in love with them! We don’t do it for money, or glory or fame. We do it because we care and want what is best for them. During all of this, something else very special has been happening. Our volunteers have formed friendships, bonds that will last many years to come. We have different backgrounds, hobbies and careers, but we have one important thing in common, our love for animals. WAAAG is strong because of our volunteers.


WAAAG does not receive federal, state or local funding. We are a Veteran founded, private non-profit 501(c)3 animal rescue organization. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters. The land we are on is also donated to us. Because we have no rent/mortgage and no paid staff, this means that your tax-deductible donations go directly where it really counts… to the animals. Your money goes towards things like vaccines, spay/neuter, special treatment when needed, microchipping, medication, leashes, collars, harnesses, food and transportation.


Thank you to our volunteers, donors and supporters. We could not do this without you! Thank you, Marshall Veterinary Clinic, Barrel Oak Winery, Crest Hill Dog Training and all the other businesses in our community that support us! Please help us in welcoming in a New Year with new hopes and aspirations by donating to WAAAG. Together, we can continue to help homeless and broken animals get their WAAAG back.


You can donate at our website,, or mail a check to WAAAG, PO Box 105, Delaplane, VA 20144.


We hope your holidays are filled with love and cheer! Peace. Love. Rescue.





Your friends at WAAAG

Dear WAAAG Friends,                                                                                                                                     

As we approach the end of 2018, we are grateful to have beautiful souls in our care like Caleb who lived his life on a chain and Abby who lived outside in a cage her whole life.  Patches had a very rocky start but has really come around. As Darby still struggles with trust, her WAAAG buddies are helping her gain confidence. We also have lots of Kitties like Lulu, Clare, Batman, Poppy and her kittens, Muffin and her litter who we call them the crumbs :) and Sawyer Brown.


Other pups such as Charlie, Piper, Lucy, Duke and Jinx were placed this year. These sweeties were adopted fairly quickly. Then came Shelby and Rocco, a bonded pair full of love and goofiness. We had them a little longer so that they could rehome together. Cole was at the shelter a long time and he needed some space and time to recuperate. He’s in a loving home now, having daily conversations with his mom and dad about his new-found happiness and freedom from cares. Sophie is a previous WAAAG dog who came back when her mommy passed away. She is now in a loving home and happily playing fetch with her new mom. Sophie touched so many people that she was invited to attend her previous mom’s memorial service where the Priest complimented her for being so well behaved.


Sweet Trooper came to us very frightened from a crowded county shelter. His time was almost up and acting out from fear, he had no chance of being adopted. Arriving at WAAAG, he immediately won the hearts of our volunteers and many Facebook followers. Working with him, we slowly built up his confidence and trust through countless volunteer hours of sitting and cuddling and with yummy treats and many toys. Other WAAAG dogs like Charlie and Patches helped him to feel more comfortable on walks. A beautiful family adopted him, and continued to work with him as Trooper settled in. Unfortunately, his fear was too much for him to overcome and he ran out of his home one evening. The neighborhood and Facebook communities came together to try to bring him home. Tragically, Trooper was hit by a car and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Trooper was sweet and kind and gentle and he wanted to be loved and he wanted to love. He just didn’t know how to get over his past. As my mom would tell me at time of loss… “Meadow, meadow, meadow”.  Such a sweet boy.


This past year, we moved to a dream location next to Barrel Oak Winery! This new facility allowed us to expand upon WAAAG’s mission of saving animals in a safe and quiet environment with lots of room to run and miles of trails for walking. And, because of the pastures at our new location, we were able to take in a herd of sheep and some horses! We learned a lot about taking care of them (hint: sheep really like apples).


A very generous donor made it possible for us to add the “Cat Cabin”, which now serves an overwhelming need in our community. Volunteers laid tile floors, built individual kennels and shelves, and warmly painted the walls. Since opening the cabin, we have saved kitties like Willa and Wistar, Van Gogh, Lulu and Clare, Pia and Pearl, and many others.


In 2019 we will strengthen our mission by expanding our services to the community. WAAAG seeks to Increase the number of our volunteers, pursue greater community engagement, and expand foster and adoption opportunities.


I want to personally thank the many volunteers who cared for these sweet creatures throughout the year.  Thank you to everyone that helped with fundraisers. Thank you to our donors. And thank you to the folks at Marshall Vet Clinic. WAAAG is WAAAG because of all of us, because we want to help the animals. We are grateful for your continued support of our efforts through the holiday season and beyond.





Angie Webber

Founder & Executive Director


Dear WAAAG Friends,                                                                                                                                     


We started the year with sweet Diesel, who is deaf, Leila who was scared of most people, Bella who had an eye injury so bad it had to be removed, and sweet Bartolo, who’s first family tried so hard. Over the next few months, they all found their forever homes. Throughout the remaining year, Pippa came to us and had 8 adorable puppies. We also brought in Chewy, Lily, Jemma, Lady, Ladybug and Barnaby and his dad, Tucker, who had severe skin allergies. All of these dogs, found a healing place at WAAAG and we were thrilled when loving families came forward to adopt them.


One of our favorite dogs, Chester, is still with us. He came from a shelter with ear, eye and skin infections. He has healed and is settling in nicely with his foster family. He loves to ask for “room service” from his doggy bed. If anyone wants to adopt Chester as a Christmas family addition, please contact us. Speaking of adoption… We still have Charlotte, the American shorthair kitty. She came to us from a hoarding situation. Charlotte had 7 kittens the night she arrived at WAAAG, which have all been adopted. Let us know if you have room in your hearts for this kind Christmas kitty, who will be delivered with a red bow around her neck (if she approves of said packaging).


Grace came into our lives in May, having been terribly abused from a nightmare situation. Her loss helped make it possible for other dogs to be protected in ways she was not. The WV legislature used her story to advance a law to incarcerate animal abusers of this type. Grace deserved so much more; we still mourn her and we want to thank all those who helped us during this difficult time.


This summer brought new challenges with the three hurricanes. Partnering with Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) and Marshall Veterinary Clinic, WAAAG launched a Pet Supply Drive which brought in over 15 tons of supplies. The outpouring of donations from the community and our supporters was truly moving. Working with BOW, we also raised $4,600, which was donated to the hurricane and fire animal relief efforts in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California.


As 2017 winds down, we find ourselves relocating WAAAG to our forever home. It’s just down the road from Barrel Oak Winery. This new facility will expand upon WAAAG’s mission of saving animals in the same quiet environment with lots of room to run and trails for walking. By January, we will have a new cabin thanks to a very generous donor from Connecticut and the WAAAG community. I also want to personally thank the many volunteers who cared for these sweet creatures throughout the year.


We are excited about 2018, we plan to expand to accommodate even more dogs and cats, puppies and kittens and we are grateful for your continued support of our efforts through the holiday season and beyond.





Angie Webber

Founder & Executive Director

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