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​Become a WAAAG Volunteer 

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Success! Thank You For Your Interest In Volunteering With WAAAG.

WAAAG is a growing organization and can always use an extra set of hands. We need people to help in every aspect of the organization, from taking dogs and cats to vet appointments, to soliciting donations for auction events, participating in adoption and fundraising events to walking dogs and helping out around the facilities.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, you can make a tremendous contribution to WAAAG's wonderful work by volunteering just a few hours a week or month. Please check out the volunteer opportunities below and let us know how you would like to help by filling out our volunteer application. 

Volunteer Opportunities

All WAAAG volunteers that handle the animals must be at least 18 years old, dog-allergy-free and have no fear of dogs.

Please review the description of each of the volunteer opportunities below before completing a volunteer application.







Our foster families are the backbone of this organization. They provide a much-needed temporary home for a rescued dog or cat until a permanent home is found. Learn more about becoming a WAAAG foster parent here.If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete a foster application, so we can match a foster dog or cat to you, your home and your lifestyle.

Outreach / Adoption Events

WAAAG holds many adoption events in the Northern VA area where we bring our available dogs and cats to meet the public. We need volunteers who enjoy working with people and are enthusiastic about promoting animal adoption to help set up, talk to the public about our organization, care for the animals during the event and promote adoptions.


Members of this team will be on call to transport our dogs to and from adoption events, vet appointments, shelters and foster homes. On occasion, team members may be asked to perform a home-safety check.



At WAAAG HQ, volunteers are crucial in helping to keep our administrative systems maintained and functioning well. We need help with everything administrative, including date entry, mailings, correspondence, and other day-to-day tasks.


Special Event Planning

WAAAG holds a number of special fundraising events throughout the year that are a major source of our revenue. We need volunteers to help in every stage of planning and facilitating these special events.


Marketing & Promotions - Online / Print / Merchandise / Media

If you have an interest and skill in social media networking, graphic design, production, web or app development, copywriting, photography, videography or online marketing, WAAAG could use your talents for the creation of print/web marketing collateral (flyers, posters, ads, merchandise, web banner/mini-sites, dog profile descriptions, photos, videos), and social media networking.


PR / Press

WAAAG gets a good deal of press, but we need folks who have experience reaching out to media. We are looking for people who can write and distribute press releases, newsletters, etc.


Facilities Maintenance and Dog Care / Walking

We need help keeping the WAAAG cabins clean, safe and operational. Volunteers on this team must be willing to pick up and clean up after dogs and walk dogs. Any experienced veterinarian technicians, contractors, handy-persons or landscapers are encouraged to join us as well!


Supplies Maintenance

WAAAG gets a lot of much-needed donations of supplies and equipment for the dogs and cats, and we desperately need skilled organizers to set up and maintain a simple, easy to use system. Volunteers will work on a weekly basis to go through, organize and maintain the supplies at the WAAAG facilities.



Got other skills that WAAAG can use? Tell us about them and we will put you to work! Are you interested? If you are in the Northern VA area, please fill out the contact form below. We will review it and contact you shortly regarding details of your orientation to WAAAG and other important volunteer information.

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