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4 yrs old - female

Contact: HOLLY


Mocha is 4 years old and was adopted from a shelter in early 2018. Mocha is a hound/pit mix, weighs about 45 pounds, spayed and current on all of her shots. She had her 4th birthday on 1/4/2019. She initially got along well with the other dog in the family, but that has changed recently. There is now an issue with resource guarding and Mocha did have an altercation with the other dog that resulted in a bite. In spite of all attempts to handle and fix this issue, her family feels that a new home where Mocha would be the only dog is in her best interest. Otherwise, they would never consider giving her up.

Mocha is an amazing dog! She loves to play fetch, hike, swim, learn tricks, and is the best at snuggling. Mocha is house trained and crate trained. She walks well on a leash and knows basic commands and a couple of tricks. She is smart and quick to learn. Mocha does need some activity, but is not a high energy dog. She loves to play fetch and snuggle under a blanket. Mocha also likes to swim, hike, and nap. She is a more dominant dog and very smart, so she would benefit from someone that has had experience with dogs or is committed to doing training with her.

Mocha spent a couple of weeks with a family that did not have another dog and she was much more calm. She does not bark a lot or jump on people (most of the time). She has not been aggressive toward any humans. Mocha would be happiest with a family with either no children or older, considerate children and no cats or other dogs. This way she can be the center of your family’s universe. She wants to be your best buddy and just needs this change to lead her best life. All requests for information will be handled by her owner and should be directed to Holly at or 703-244-6091.

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