Waldo - male

2-3 years old

Waldo will make a loving, loyal companion. He was brought in as a stray and appears to be an American Bulldog mix. This boy is fabulous on leash, knows sit and is just about the best dog ever! Waldo runs to greet us as we enter the rescue - ready for fun and walks through the woods. A game of fetch will have him in heaven! Waldo made fast friends with his foster family's 4 dogs, so we know he is dog friendly. 

Paquita - female

7 years old

Paquita is brand new around here! She came to us from Faquier SPCA where she was having a tough time settling in. Watch our Facebook page for day to day updates as we get to know our Paquita girl. 

JuJu - female

10 years old

Juju is a very sweet, low key, 10 year old beagle mix from Fauquier SPCA. Just before Christmas, Juju was surrendered to another shelter. That shelter scanned her for a microchip and realized she was a former FSPCA pup. They notified the folks at FSPCA and they jumped into action bring her back (like WAAAG, FSPCA will ALWAYS take their dogs back.) JuJul is on a weight loss plan and she is doing great! JuJu loves to go on walks or just hang our and cuddle!

Ernie - male

approx DOB 11/7/19

Ernie, Misty, and Carrie were born to a momma that had recently been taken in by a family that was not counting on having kittens. These adorable, fun kittens were surrendered to WAAAG at 6 weeks of age.  All 3 kittens are healthy and now ready to find their forever families! They are typical kittens - full of themselves, always looking for fun and providing hours of hysterical antics. There is one very special thing about these kittens - they have 6 toes!! Yes, they are polydactyl cats meaning they have a congenital physical anomaly that just makes them that much cuter!!

Misty - female

approx DOB 11/7/19

Ernie, Misty, and Carrie were born to a momma that had recently been taken in by a family that was not counting on having kittens. These adorable, fun kittens were surrendered to WAAAG at 6 weeks of age.  All 3 kittens are healthy and now ready to find their forever families! They are typical kittens - full of themselves, always looking for fun and providing hours of hysterical antics. There is one very special thing about these kittens - they have 6 toes!! Yes, they are polydactyl cats meaning they have a congenital physical anomaly that just makes them that much cuter!!


4 1/2 yrs old - female

Mia was found as a stray, so we don't know much about her past. But we do know that she is a very sweet little girl. Mia is stunning with a coal black coat and soft brown eyes. She is shy and a little wary at first. But give her half a second, take a seat and she will quickly hop in your lap and accept all the pets you have to give. Mia is learning to walk on leash and appears to be house-trained. She has had fun interacting with the other dogs at the rescue.  


5 yrs old - male

Patches has had a rocky start to life. He was mistreated and such can be cautious about new friends (particularly men). However, once you win him over with a tossed ball or treat, he bonds quickly and wants nothing more than to be your best buddy. Patches loves playing with a ball, going on walks and car rides, and giving kisses! 

Steve - male

approx DOB 4/16/19

Steve is one of our little tuxedo trio we are calling The Three Amigos! They have all blossomed quite well during their time with WAAAG. They went from very shy kittens, afraid of every move, to brave and bold little guys that love to explore and play. 

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7 yrs old - female

Sally and Clayburn lost both their mom and dad to illness recently and the family reached out to WAAAG for help. Sally is a petite pretty calico girl. She's social, playful and always open to some head scratches! She'd love to curl up and read a book with you :)


10 yrs - male

Sally and Clayburn lost both their mom and dad to illness recently and the family reached out to WAAAG for help. Clayburn is a very affectionate ginger tabby with the sweetest little meow. Clayburn loves to be petted and near his people. He is a major explorer and definitely has an affinity for high places from which to survey his kingdom. He loves to sit in his window and watch the daily activity at the rescue.


2-3 yrs old - female

Gentle Joy is as happy as she is beautiful! Her name fits her well - she is easy going about her food, she walks gently on her leash and as a bonus she gives kisses and love freely. There is nothing challenging about this girl .... she is pure love!


1 1/2 yrs old - female

This is Athena! Athena came to WAAAG with five 1-2 day old kittens and sadly only 1 survived. But about a week later we took in 3 other orphaned day old kittens and GUESS WHAT!?! Athena took them all in and nursed them like they were her own!! In fact, having those kittens really seemed to cheer up the grieving momma cat.  This is one special girl!! Sweet and affectionate Athena will make a wonderful companion for some lucky family.  


7 years old - female

Lulu came to WAAAG after she and her sister Clara had been turned loose as barn cats when their owner died.  Having never lived in a barn, neither one was happy with their accommodations. When they arrived at WAAAG, they were both quite frightened little girls. At first we thought they should be adopted together but the longer they stay at WAAAG, they more we see that they are both very independent. Lulu is quiet and likes to be near her kennel but loves it when her kitty friends come to visit, especially the younger kittens. Given the chance, we're pretty sure that Lulu will be the one to curl up with you on the couch!

Brownie - female

approx DOB 8/8/18

Brownie was one of 5 kittens found with their mother, Muffin, living under a porch. Brownie is a healthy, adorable girl with a beautiful black and tan tortoiseshell coat. She is a shy little girl that would do well with another confident kitty companion to show her the ropes. With a little bit of love and patience she will warm up to her people and she never backs down from a good laser light chase or a yummy treat. Brownie is very playful and gets along well with her brothers and sisters and the other cats in the cat cabin. 


3 yrs old - female

This sweet girl came to us from a shelter who could not afford the surgery and care she needed. Brittany had multiple tumors/growths in her ears from untreated ear infections. Once she came to WAAAG, we got her set up for surgery and it was a success! Brittany is currently recovering in a foster home.


1 yr old - male

This handsome newcomer to WAAAG is Cody. He is a Blue Heeler/Australian Cattledog mix, just a year old and absolutely as cute and lovable as can be! He craves affection and comes in happily for tummy rubs and cuddles.


15 yrs old - male

Meet our kind and gentle soul, Diesel. Diesel ended up at an overcrowded county shelter in Southern VA, as a stray. When his owner was notified, instead of coming to pick him up, he asked if they could, “just gas him” because he was too old and kept escaping his chain. The shelter didn’t want to put him down, but his time there was limited. The volunteer rescue group, Rescue & RemEMBER, jumped into action and contacted WAAAG.

Owen - male

approx DOB 6/10/19

Owen is one of 4 one day old kittens taken in and nursed by Athena after she lost several of her newborn kittens. Because of Athena's care and love those kittens are healthy, happy and ready to be adopted! 

Cora - female

approx DOB 6/10/19

Cora is one of 4 one day old kittens taken in and nursed by Athena after she lost several of her newborn kittens. Because of Athena's care and love those kittens are healthy, happy and ready to be adopted! 

Tallie - female

approx DOB 6/10/19

Tallie is one of 4 one day old kittens taken in and nursed by Athena after she lost several of her newborn kittens. Because of Athena's care and love those kittens are healthy, happy and ready to be adopted! 


2-3 yrs - female

Muffin was living under a porch with her kittens (Cupcake, Brownie, Cookie, Pumpkin, Pecan). We call them Muffin's Crumbs :) They were brought to WAAAG to start a better life. She has done a wonderful job protecting and raising her babies outside, but that's no life for a kitty and babies. Her kittens are slowly being adopted and now Muffin too is ready for a forever home. She loves to curl up in your lap, be petted and gets along well with the other cats in the cat cabin. She is spayed and is up to date on her vaccines

Silas- male

approx DOB 10/27/18

Silas came to WAAAG in mid-January with his 4 siblings. Silas is a handsome copper color with a white chest blaze and feet. Silas will win you over with his one blue eye!
He is a very sweet boy with lots of love to give. Some of his favorite things are belly rubs, tennis balls, treats and playing with the other dogs. He eagerly makes eye contact with you and he wants you to be happy.

Cooper - male

approx DOB 10/27/18

Cooper can be such a goof and so much fun! He came to WAAAG in mid-January with his 4 siblings and has grown into a handsome and happy boy. Cooper is your typical 6 month old puppy - ready to take on life with gusto! He is a playful pup and gets right in the middle of the fun with other dogs! Cooper is great on leash and loves his walks on the paths at the rescue. And when he is all worn out he loves a good cuddle session. He has a sweet spirit that will melt your heart. 


5 yrs old - male

Batman is one cool and smooth dude! He showed up at a barn where we feed some cats. We neutered and vaccinated him and had him crash with us for a couple of days. We noticed that he was really enjoying the indoors (and he’s super sweet), so we gave him a space and we are looking for an inside home for him. He LOVES affection and he loves to have conversations with us… its almost like he knows what we’re saying.

Remy, male

DOB 9/27/18

Remy’s mom Poppy was found as a stray and brought to a local county shelter. 2 days later she had 5 adorable boy kittens! She was a great mom to them and now she and all of Remy’s brothers have been adopted. Remy is a laugh a minute…always into something! He is the first one to play when toys are brought out and loves to socialize with the other WAAAG kitties.

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Shadow, Smokey & Sissy

Approx DOB 6/4/18

2 male/1 female

Shadow, Smokey & Sissy showed up at a family’s home. The family is fostering them while they wait for their forever homes. All three kitties are a beautiful deep grey and love to play and interact with people.


12 yrs old - male

Meet our new guy, Caleb! As you can see from the first picture, he has lived his whole life on a chain...12 YEARS! A Good Samaritan was finally able to convince the owner to surrender this boy over to WAAAG and now Caleb’s life will never be the same! He is a sweet boy and loves giving kisses. Welcome to the rest of your life Caleb. Watch this page for more info on Caleb as we get to know him.

Rita 2 yrs, female

Puppies -

Approx DOB 12/11/18

2 male/3 female

Rita and her puppies came to WAAAG after the owner realized he could not properly care for them. Rita has given everything she has to her pups and is herself about 15 pounds underweight. She actually has already been adopted but she is staying at WAAAG until we can get her healthy and her puppies no longer need her. Puppies are goldendoodle/hound mixes and will be available for adoption in 3-4 weeks.

Sawyer Brown

Approx DOB 8/6/18 


Sawyer Brown was found hanging around one of our volunteer's homes when he was 8 weeks old. He was very sick with an upper respiratory infection. Fast forward to today and he is healthy, sweet and LOVES to play with humans and other cats! This handsome boy will make a wonderful addition to any family. Sawyer is currently staying with a foster family. 


12 yrs old - female

Abby came to us from another rescue partner that did not have the funds to take care of her mammary tumors. However, with our fabulous community, we were able to raise the $1000 needed for Abby’s care!! For years this girl was a breeding machine, discarded and then found emaciated and starving. But no more! We're going to get her fixed up, spayed and healthy again so she can live the good life for her remaining years! She is so sweet and just wants to be a velcro dog. Stayed tuned for more updates on our sweet sweet Abby girl.

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2 yrs old - female

Darbie was left in the overnight pen at the Wythe County Animal Shelter to be found in the morning. When her time was coming up one of their volunteers reached out to us and asked if we'd give her a chance - we said yes! Darbie appears to be a Bernese Mountain Dog/Hound mix, is around 60 lbs and is pretty timid. She needs some time at WAAAG to learn to trust and find courage. Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for updates on Darbie.


8 yrs old - male

Tigger is a beautiful orange tabby. He came to WAAAG when his mom died. We are giving him some time to decompress from everything that has happened to him. He is very happy with his foster mom. He will need to be an only kitty though, he’s not used to other cats.


DOB 7/5/18 - female

Callie kitty was found in Upperville after some of the massive rains we've had. She was around 12 weeks old and malnourished. Currently she is living the life with a foster whose name is also Callie! Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for more info on this sweet sweet girl!

Van Gogh

2/3 years - male

Van Gogh was found by one of our volunteers. He was extremely underweight, slightly anemic, but VERY friendly. We held him for Fauquier Co SPCA on a 10 day stray hold waiting to see if he was claimed. He was not, thus he is now a WAAAG kitty onto a better life! Van Gogh was aptly named as he has an old hematoma that ruptured and the ear tissue collapsed. He is not in pain, just has some character to him :) Right now our main goal is to get this guy healthy so he can become the love of a new family.


7/8 yrs old - male

Cole is a smart boy who is food oriented and very trainable. He looks forward to his walks everyday, but otherwise he just wants to hang out and chew on his favorite antler. Being older, Cole is very laid back and extremely gentle when taking treats. However, we feel that Cole should go to an adult home or one with older children as he doesn't know his own strength when he does play. To give him a change of scenery, Cole enjoyed a “day out” recently with one of our volunteers - “Cole took right away to being in a house. He followed me around and laid at my feet when I was stationary. I was afraid of him marking all over the house since multiple dogs and cats have lived here, but there was none of that! He let me know when he needed to go out by standing at the sliding glass door and never once did he try to get on the furniture! We had a great afternoon together!” Cole is good with canine friends but should not go to a home with cats. Cole will make a loyal loving companion for some lucky person.


11 yrs old - female

Sophie was with WAAAG 5 years ago. She is around 11 years old and blind in her right eye. Sophie LOVES tennis balls. She loves to play catch and chew on the fuzzy coating. A woman adopted her that spent most of her time in bed with round the clock care. She couldn’t walk, but she could throw the ball for her... Sophie would bring the ball up onto to her bed, chew on it a little, and then pass it on to her mom for her to toss....all day. At night and during nap time, Sophie would curl up to her. The caretakers would take her for walks. On Aug 20th, Sophie’s mom passed away. Sophie is kind and gentle and loves everyone and even gives the baby soft kisses. Come meet Sophie, you'll fall in love.

Pia & Pearl

DOB 5/1/18 - female

Pia & Pearl came in with their sister, Elsa. Elsa (grey tabby) has found her forever home, but Pia and Pearl are still waiting. These energetic, fearless, playful partners in crime are ready to steal your heart! They play wonderfully with each other and love chasing each other around their cat tree. And they are always ready for a rousing game of catch the feather or mouse. Pia and Pearl were born on or around May 1, 2018 and do well with dogs. They are micro-chipped and have had their worming and 1st set of kitten shots. 

Willa & Wistar

DOB 4/15/18 - female

Willa (gray) and Wistar (calico) came to us as orphaned 3 week old kittens and had a rough start in life. But fast forward and they are your typical happy, playful kittens! They love finding new ways to get into trouble and keep us laughing! Willa and Wistar were born on or around April 15, 2018. 


2 yrs old - male

Trooper is a special boy in so many ways. Not only is he super good looking, but his eyes are especially soulful, destined to melt your heart. Trooper came to us scared and untrusting of people. It took a few months for him to trust us and not cower, bark, and run away. However, gaining that trust was well worth the wait! Once he felt safe he came out of his shell and showed us the super calm and loving boy he was hiding inside. Potential adopters need to be aware that the Trooper you come to see (barking, nervous, cowering) is not the Trooper that will become your forever lap-loving friend once he learns to trust you. Gaining this trust however, will take time and patience. A big boost to Trooper's confidence is other dogs! Even if a new dog barks at him, he patiently waits for them to become his friend. He enjoys it when the other dogs at the rescue go on walks with him and when they come and run along his fence line. When new dogs come into the rescue, we put them next to Trooper's pen as he seems to have a knack for helping them settle and know that WAAAG is safe. Trooper loves walks. When he sees you coming with his harness, he stops what he's doing and crouches down to have his harness put in place. When on a walk, he loves to explore and bounds ahead with joy. Trooper would do well with a dog sibling that could help him adjust to a new life.

Shelby & Rocco

Bonded Pair

Shelby 4 yrs old - female

Rocco 10 yrs old - male

Shelby and Rocco came to us as an owner surrender due to allergies. Shelby was actually born at WAAAG 4 years ago (she was one of Millie's puppies). She is an energetic girl who loves to run, jump, play catch, tug of war and any other activity you might have in mind. Rocco is a senior gentleman who loves walks and keeps up a spirited pace! But his favorite thing to do is cuddle and have his belly rubbed. If you have room on your sofa, Rocco's your guy! Both want nothing more than to be close to people. They are great with kids and other dogs but have not been tested with cats. These two do everything together and do not like to be apart. Rocco taught Shelby as a pup and now Shelby looks out for Rocco as her big brother in his golden years. For this reason these 2 sweet furbabies are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  
Rocco and Shelby's adoption fee has been covered by a generous sponsor who only wants to see these 2 sweethearts stay together in their forever home. 


7 years old - male

This black beauty is Sammy. He is 7 years old and has had only 1 owner his entire life where he was very loved. Tragically, his owner lost her home and was no longer able to take care of him. Sammy is an extremely friendly and laid back kind of kitty who craves attention and likes to be held. We tease about him being Willa & Wistar's nanny as he loves to be out and about with them making sure they are not getting into trouble. Sammy has been tested with dogs and does well. 
If you are up for an instant cat family, we would LOVE to see Sammy go with Willa & Wistar as they have formed a special relationship with him. So much so that one of our volunteers has offered to cover Sammy's adoption fee if he is adopted with them!

Maisie & Louis

5 weeks old - female

Louis and his sister, Maisie, appear to be a Maine Coon mix and a bonded pair. They are your typical sweet little kittens - they love to play and they are very curious. Louis and Maisie are always together - they sleep together, play together, eat together, they even use the litter box at the same time.


1-2 yrs old - female

Actually, Chloe is NOT FOR ADOPTION - she was found as a very sick stray. She has multiple mammary tumors that are believed to be cancerous and to have spread to her lungs. On top of that she has diabetes. She will be a sanctuary animal for us. In the meantime, she eats well (she's even gained 2 pounds while in our care!), takes her insulin shots like a pro, and is given the attention she desperately craves and has noticeably lacked in the past. If you would like to sponsor or contribute to Chloe's care, please go to our donate page and indicate that your donation is for Chloe <3


8/9 yrs old - male

Charlie is a 8/9 yr young Rat Terrier. He had his right eye removed due to advanced glaucoma, but this has not affected his spirit. Charlie is a very cute, sweet little guy. He loves to cuddle, go on long walks and car rides!


10 yrs old - male

Jinx is a special guy at 10 years young. WAAAG rescued him from the shelter when his family returned him because they no longer had time for him. We're still getting to know Jinx, so stay tuned for more info.

Update: Jinx is now being fostered and is reportedly the "sweetest dog ever"


2 yrs old - male

Duke is a 2 yr old Min Pin mix. Pulled from Clarke County Shelter after he was surrendered by his family. We're still getting to know this hunk of a guy so stay tuned for more information.


1 yr old - male

Spencer is a beautiful and sleek male cat who  was found as a stray. Spencer is super friendly and always greets you with a "Meow" when you walk in the door. After that, he's all about take a snooze in your lap :) Spencer will be neutered in the coming weeks and then will be available for adoption. 


7 yrs old - female

Lucy is a 7 year old, spayed Chihuahua / Jack Russell mix. Her owner died and no one else in the family wanted her thud she ended up in a shelter. We couldn't have that so we pulled her. She is very sweet and loves to be close to people. She is currently being fostered in a home with other dogs and cats with no issues. 


1 1/2 yr old - female

Ginger is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old orange target tabby. She gave birth to 4 kitties on 10/20/2017. WAAAG received Ginger and her kitties from a hoarding situation where they were being kept in a cage outside. Being the mother of 4 boys is exhausting but Ginger makes it look easy. Ginger is a little shy at first, but quickly warms up and has been known to ask for belly rubs. 


4/5 yrs old - female

Piper is such a sweet girl. All she wants to do is be by your side. Being a typical beagle, she loves walks and cookies :) Piper is UTD with vaccines and spayed. 


3/4 yrs old - female

Petite Fiona is just the cutest thing!  Don't be fooled, although she weighs in at only 8lbs she is sure to win your heart in a big way!


Momma Charlotte had 7 kittens on August 3rd, 2017. Unfortunately, Charlotte was exposed to FeLV during her pregnancy thus, neither Charlotte nor her kittens will be available for adoption until they are all safely out of the 12 week FeLV incubation period.  Watch this space for updates on these sweet sweet kitties :)

10/26/17 - Charlotte and ALL kittens are FeLV negative!! They may safely be adopted now! 

11/19/17 - Shown clockwise: Charlotte, Bitsy, Templeton, Aunt Bea, and Fern are still available

12/20/17 - All of Charlotte's kittens have been adopted. Charlotte is currently in a foster home waiting for her forever family to find her!

Ginger's Kittens

2 1/2 mons old - males

Oh boy! Momma Ginger gave birth to these 4 boy kitties on 10/20/2017. WAAAG received both Ginger and her kitties from a hoarding situation where they were being kept in a cage outside. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are your typical tabby kittens - curious, playful, and affectionate. Their antics will give you the giggles and you will enjoy the quiet kitten kisses they will shower on you. They are UTD on shots, but will get a booster and rabies toward the end of January. 


8/9 yrs - male

Chester came to our rescue with obvious signs of neglect, hardly any fur and looking dejected. But after several months of good food, medical attention and a lot of love, Chester's eyes got brighter, his step a little lighter and his wag a lot stronger! One of our senior residents, Chester is looking for his forever home. He is available to adopt or foster through WAAAG. To inquire about Chester, please email marylee@waaag.org

Ladybug "Lady"

12 yrs - female

Ladybug is an easy going, happy-to-be-here kind of gal. She eagerly awaits her walks and keeps a leisurely pace. She loves to run with her long, silky ears flying and flopping. Creature comforts are the name of the game for this senior sweetie as loves to get home to her porch and the AC in her cabin. And those soulful eyes and long droopy ears work wonders for getting what she wants! Ladybug loves the neighbor boys (dogs in the next cabin) and going for walks with the other residents at the rescue. She doesn't even seem to mind the resident kitty. She would be happy to fit in any situation. For more information or to submit an application for our little Ladybug, please email marylee@waaag.org.


14 yrs - female

Kassie is a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat, who needs a new home through no fault of her own. She is a senior at 14, but has plenty of life to live and love to give. Kassie is spayed, current on her shots and declawed, so she will need to be an indoor kitty. Kassie is very sweet and very well behaved. She is good around other cats, but is afraid of dogs. Her mom is devastated to have to give her up, but she lost her home and is now moving into an assisted living facility. She is begging for us to help her to find a safe and loving home. Would you like to be Kassie's savior? She will repay you with years of purrs and love. If you would like more information about Kassie, please email marylee@waaag.org. 

Barnaby & Tucker

This bonded pair are not available for adoption yet as they need some time for their bodies to heal from some skin issues. However, watch our page as these two are super cute and affectionate. You will fall in love :)


2yrs - female

This gentle 2yr. old girl, loves all, including kids, and even the local kitty who visits everyday and shares her food! Pippa waits for people to visit and snuggle with her, something she has lacked during her life on the street. She is most happy and calm when she is close to her person - especially if that person also has treats which she takes respectfully. Pippa is very eager for her daily walks, SO eager that she literally jumps into her harness! Then, as if by magic, she transforms into a quiet and well-behaved leash walker. She comes when called and loves to stay with her person. On 5/4/17 Pippa had a litter of 8 puppies. If you would like to learn more about Pippa, please email marylee@waaag.org.

Grover - male

Born May 4, 2017


Grover, one of Pippa's pups, is enjoying his foster life, but is still looking for his forever family. This boy is smart and curious, playful and lovable, and almost potty trained at 10 weeks! In addition, he is as cute and fun as he can be! His foster sibling is a senior dog and Grover is very respectful of his space. Grover would prefer a fenced yard with places to explore and run and maybe dog experienced children to play with and give him the exercise he needs. Most importantly, he needs someone who is home to finish his puppy training. For more information about our Grover, please contact Marylee@waaag.org. 

Kelly - 7yrs - female

Kelly is an elegantly beautiful, spayed, 7 year old, Penn-Marydel Foxhound. She is black & tan with some well placed white markings. She has a great personality, and gets along with children, pets and other animals. She has a keen desire to be a family member and to be included in any and all activities. Kelly is very smart and learns very quickly. She is docile and quiet enough to sit by your feet or snuggle, and athletic enough to keep up on family outings and running with the kids. She is very polite, well mannered and obedient, and is comfortable in the house or going for a ride in the car.

Kelly was really good at her job as a hunting dog until a crush injury to her front paw made it hard for her to continue. That injury may have ended her first career, but it is not going to impede her in excelling in her new role, of being a loving family member and best friend! For more information on Kelly, please email dogsr1st@gmail.com

Phyllis - 3yrs - female

Phyllis is a VERY SWEET and LOVING little girl. She can be shy at first, but she warms up right away. She loves affection and sitting on laps. Phyllis is looking for a quiet home where she can stay indoors and enjoy sitting in a cozy chair, sunning herself in a cat tree and showing off her gorgeous black coat. She is comfortable with other cats and small dogs, we are not sure how she would be with larger dogs. Phyllis has FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Although there is no cure, many cats infected with FIV live a long and happy life, especially if routine wellness care is provided to aid early disease detection, and exposure to other infectious disease is limited. FIV is generally transmitted through bite wounds. FIV certainly has not stopped Phyllis from enjoying life and sharing her joy! Phyllis is ready and waiting to be welcomed into your loving home and will reward you with cuddles and purrs. For more information on Phyllis, please email marylee@waaag.org.

Gemma- 7yrs - female

Gemma was brought from Puerto Rico to the US as a puppy. She is about 7 yrs young, 20 lbs and spayed and current on all vaccines. We are unsure as to her mix, maybe Yellow Lab/Italian greyhound? She has lived with a family most of her life, but was surrendered when the family had their 3rd child and felt that they could no longer provide her with the care she deserves. She is really a happy girl, loves her walks and interaction with her person. She likes closeness, but not overbearing affection. Gemma is a joyful little dog with beautiful eyes and she would probably love an active family who is dog savvy. So far she has gotten along well with another dog at the rescue. We feel she would really thrive in a family with older, respectful children. We are still getting to know this gal, but we one thing we can say for sure is that she is a total sweetheart and just needs a home and a person to call her own. To inquire about sweet Gemma, please email marylee@waaag.org


3-4 yrs - male

Shadow is a beautiful black cat with a white chest blaze and white on his back feet and beautiful yellow/green eyes. He was found as a stray, but it was obvious from the start that he knows family life. He is extremely friendly, enjoys petting and loves to have his head scratched. He has not been at all reactive to the dogs or cats that he has come in contact with. His trip to the vet was uneventful and he rode in the crate like a champ. His blood work shows that he is negative for FIV and FeLV. He is about 3-4 yrs young, up to date on all vaccines and already neutered! In other words, Shadow is perfect and ready to find his forever home!! With his gentle nature he would be a perfect fit for a family with young children or just about anyone. He will certainly make a wonderful companion for someone. Will it be you? For more information on Shadow, please email sherry@waaag.org.