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Below are dogs that are available for adoption by private individuals who have asked WAAAG for help in rehoming their pet.

Since this is not a WAAAG adoption, all communication and meet/greet arrangements will be handled by the pet owner.  

Please note:
WAAAG has not evaluated, met, or interacted with these dogs.
WAAAG cannot attest to temperament, health, or suitability of these dogs.

WAAAG assumes no liability, financial, or legal responsibility for these dogs.
WAAAG makes no claim as to the validity of the information provided. 


3 yrs old - male

Contact: 703-407-8605

This affectionate and well-socialized foxhound (there’s a little beagle in there, but you wouldn’t know it), Mosby, lost his brother recently and needs a household with other dogs. Mosby LOVES toys, giving kisses and cuddling on the couch. The perfect home will have a securely fenced yard (Houdini wants MOSBY’s autograph!!) where he can chase squirrels and acreage where it’s okay to howl - he is a hound, right? Mosby loves older children who don’t mind his roughhousing. 

Mosby has anxiety which causes him to cry loudly throughout the night unless he has a human or fur sibling sleeping companion. He needs routine and someone familiar with his breed. Mosby is 3 yrs old, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, has a beautiful tri-color coat, is 41 lbs, soft, silky ears and is a very loyal companion. He just needs someone to spend time with him to remind him life can be grand!! Current owners willing to be involved including covering food and vet expenses (at discretion). 


4 yrs old - female

Contact: KATIE


Juliet is in need of a new home. She has been with her current family since she was adopted from a local shelter as a puppy. They are heartbroken to lose her, but feel that Juliet would be a happier dog with a different family/home situation. She is a beautiful and spunky 4 yr young, 75 lb lab mix, spayed, current on all vaccines and no health issues and perfectly house trained. Juliet adores people and kids (because of her energy and strength she should be watched around small children). She is the biggest lover of people - loyal, affectionate, intelligent, highly trainable, protective, energetic, strong, sweet, in need of human love and interaction, good listener, senses emotion, loves to hang with her owners, needs daily exercise, needs routine, needs alpha management. She is a wonderful protector of home and family and will bark loudly and menacingly at strangers who approach the house until she officially meets them. She is anxious away from her owners and does not do well in kennels, she needs in-home boarding (at owner's home or in home of sitter.)
Juliet is an alpha dog and needs a firm and consistent hand which is not possible in her current situation. Juliet’s ideal owner would be an experienced and alpha dog owner (single person, couple or family with children experienced with dogs) who could love and spend time with her, manage her firmly, and keep a routine for her. She does fine when home alone during the day as long as she knows her owners will return after work. She will do better with fewer handlers who can use the same training methods with her (e.g. we have too many handlers -- nanny, babysitters, housekeeper, dog walker, husband, wife, kids) Active owners - and with a yard - would be ideal. 
Juliet cannot be with other dogs at this time - while she loves certain dogs that she knows, she has shown aggression with other dogs. She loves flirting with cats on walks, but it is unknown how she would do with a cat in the home. She shows aggression towards large dogs and needs active training before any further interaction with dogs. Juliet should not interact off leash with dogs until further training. Her current dog trainer located in Washington, DC has offered free training to the new owners.

All requests for information will be handled by Juliet’s owner and should be directed to Katie at 202-258-2362 or email

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