Keeping Kitties Warm This Winter

A huge thank you to Kelly, Camille and Kate from Battlefield High School in Haymarket!! The girls belong to the Battlefield Humane Society and wanted to do something to help needy dogs and cats. And what a wonderful difference their efforts will make! They came out to WAAAG and built these fabulous cat shelters for outdoor kitties to enjoy this winter!

Thanks so much girls! 

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Donations!

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief in Texas

Randy and Jenn Lambert towed and delivered a 37 ft trailer filled with your donations to Texas on Wednesday, September 13th!! The donation items went to San Antonio Pets Alive who also helped unload everything. They were in tears with all of the donations!! The outpouring of concern from our community made a huge difference! 

Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief in Florida

The generosity of our community was immense! We had so many donations and the devastation was so terrible in Florida, that we decided to send a truck to help those animals as well. WAAAG volunteers Lori and Bill drove a 25 ft U-Haul filled with more of your donations to Florida on Wednesday, September 13th!!  Orlando Bully Rescue happily received the donations and even had to rent a storage unit because there were so many items!  They were in awe and very excited as these supplies will help them care for more victims of Hurricane Irma.

Many thanks to Barrel Oak Winery, Marshall Vet, Baltimore Animal Hospital, Fauquier High School, Gale Cayce and everyone who donated their horse trailers and vans, the volunteers who managed the Donation Station and loaded and unloaded and many, many more too numerous to count. Thanks to everyone involved for all of your help with this huge endeavor - our community is pretty amazing!!

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