Available Dogs

Percy ~

10 years young, (male)

Percy is a very handsome 10 yr old neutered tri-color hound. Percy is a wonderful companion with a gentle, easy spirit. He loves long walks, playing with his toys, getting ear and back scratches and just hanging out. And, of course, he will always graciously accept a treat! He loves hugs and kisses and there is so much kindness and sweetness in his eyes.


He gets along with everyone. We think he would do well with a family and a daily routine. Percy is great on a leash, but hold on tight if he spots a deer. And a fenced yard is a must with this boy - because of his hound ways he will wander off the moment he has a chance.  Percy is good around cats, other dogs and loves puppies! He is not a fan of barns or horses though - they scare him. We would love to find him the loving family he so deserves.

Please email angie@waaag.org to learn more about our handsome Percy!

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Available Cats


Mama Sock, Finn & Marcie ~

2 female & 1 male

Socks, Finn & Marcie. Socks is the mom, Marcie and Finn are her kittens, about 6 months old. All 3 are very shy.

A kind woman took them in when the kittens were very young. They have had limited human interaction and are still pretty scared. All 3 are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccines.
We are looking for a long shot here... a home where they can all 3 go together. A place that is patient, calm and quiet so they can continue their journey of trusting humans. They are also available to foster. If you are able to help them, please reach out to us.

If you would like to meet this trio, please send an email to adopt@waaag.org.

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The Boys...




The Girls...




These sweet puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes on May 31 when they will be 9 weeks old.



Gray ~

Senior Male

Gray is a kind and gentle soul who has had a very rough life. He needs a loving, safe and quiet home where he can rest his head (and enjoy catnip). Gray was found by a caring woman on the side of a road in Southern VA. He had been hit by a car. She scooped him up and took him to the vet. Sadly, it was determined that his pelvis was shattered. She had no funds for vet care for him and the shelter in that area has very limited resources. Since they would not be able to attend to his medical needs, she took him home and cared for Gray until she found a rescue to take him in. Gray is now with us at WAAAG. We immediately took him to Marshall Vet Clinic for an exam, x-rays and initial care and it was confirmed that his pelvis is indeed shattered. He is also FIV+. Gray has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist May 13 to see if there is anything we can do to help with his pelvis. As for the FIV, that is not bothering Gray in the least.

Cats with FIV can cohabitate with other cats that are not FIV+ as long as they don't fight or breed. They can clean each other and share a litter box without transmitting it to other cats. So please don't let that stand in the way of giving Gray a chance to find a home with you. Gray is neutered, up to date on shots and will be microchipped. He is a very sweet boy who still likes to play and loves other kitties. Because of his injury he cannot climb, so everything Gray needs should be on ground level so that he can easily access it. 

If you would like to meet this sweet older gentleman,, please send an email to adopt@waaag.org.

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