Available Dogs

Percy ~

10 years young, (male)

Percy’s Perfect Place...

If Percy could pick his perfect place… we think he would choose a home with a large, fenced-in backyard so he can play with his toys, chase squirrels and enjoy the sun and the shade, depending on the temperature.

He would prefer a home without small children because he has a hard time determining which toys are his toys and which toys belong to the kids. We think he would choose a home where at least 1 person in the family is home most of the time, meaning they don’t work out of the home more than part-time.


Percy is not a lap dog or a Velcro dog. He will always accept pets and love, but he’s not going to be trying to get into your lap or trying to get you to pet him or be in your face. He will most likely choose a big comfy chair or a sofa as his “day bed”. And when you go into another room or go to leave the house, he probably won’t get up from his cozy day bed to see where you are going. He cares about you and he loves you, just from a distance, most of the time. 

Percy is totally fine with cats. He has lived with cats before and they are his friends. He’s fine with other dogs too. He loves all dogs and he has been a kind, happy and welcoming soul to our new dogs when they come in, especially the super scared ones. Hope is next to him right now and she was too scared to come out of her cabin when she first arrived. Percy would sit as close as he could get to her, trying to look into her cabin area through the doggy door. And any time Hope would come out, he would stand up and wag his tail as if to say that he was happy to see her.


I mentioned that he is good with dogs, and yes, he is, but his perfect home would have 1, maybe 2 other low energy dogs, he would probably be a good buddy to a dog that is scared. Percy also loves walks and he is great on a leash. He does get excited when he sees deer and sometimes squirrels, when this happens, he pulls on his leash and he sings them a song of his people, he gets louder as they get further away so they can still hear them. He’s pretty adorable.

Please email angie@waaag.org to learn more about our handsome Percy!

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Judge ~

Senior Special Needs, (male)

Judge is a senior boy who is completely blind. He came to us from a shelter in Southern WVa with severe eye problems. After a visit to VetVision in Vienna, VA it was determined that the damage to his eyes was irreversible. This gentle boy had been enduring intense migraine level pain from extremely high-pressure levels in both eyes for many years. This made it very difficult for him to do much of anything, yet he is beyond sweet. The vet recommended injections behind Judge's eyes that will cause scar tissue buildup that will then relieve the pressure. The surgery was performed and it was successful! The injections will cause the eyes to shrink a bit which will cause some sagging of his eyes and a small pocket to be created. This could allow pollen or other debris to get in, but if that situation occurs eye drops is all that would be needed to solve that issue. 


Judge is super kind and loves people. He makes sure he's always touching you or being petted. He's great with other animals and is house-trained. Judge will need someone who is home most of the time and willing to put in a little extra work. Please do not let a blind dog stop you from thinking about adding Judge to your family. Blind dogs very quickly learn their surroundings and acclimate quite well. Judge is no different. He is super smart and can go outside on his own once he has learned his surroundings.


The best home for Judge is with someone/family who likes to be outside gardening or reading or just hanging out with him while he explores the yard and comes back to check on you. This sweet boy deserves and is ready to find his forever home and lavish you with his special brand of affection. If you would like to meet this adorable and handsome guy

Please email angie@waaag.org to learn more about our handsome Judge!


Tommy ~

Young - 1 Year, (male)

This handsome boy is Tommy! Tommy came to WAAAG from one of our rescue partners in southern WVa. To say Tommy is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy is an understatement. Happy is this boy's middle name! His tail never stops wagging and he will give you licks for days. He tries his best to be a lap dog but is also happy to be running around in his yard. Tommy is great on a leash and loves to go on walks or runs. Tommy is only around 1 year old, about 40lbs, house trained, microchipped, up to date on his vaccines and he has been neutered and is recovering.

He is still a puppy and can be mouthy at times. We are working on manners with him, but he will still need lots of focus when he gets to his new home. Have cats? No problem! Tommy lived with cats in his previous home. The perfect home for Tommy would have a fenced yard and be able to give him the routine exercise that he needs. If you would like to meet this beautiful and engaging boy, please email angie@waaag.org


Bertie ~

Young - 1 Year, (female)

Those ears!! Sweet Bertie is eager and ready for her forever home. Possibly the first one she has had. Bertie is around 1 yr old and is still pretty much a puppy. She was found as a stray in Southern VA.


Bertie absolutely LOVES attention and affection. She also loves going on long walks and has tons of energy. This super-smart girl does need some training as she is still essentially a puppy. We have been working with her since she arrived at WAAAG and that training should be continued and reinforced.


Bertie's ideal home and family will provide that continued focus and effort on her training and have patience with her as she learns. She is smart and a quick learner, so it shouldn't take long for her to nail it.  Bertie is welcoming with people, but she is hesitant of other dogs. With a slow introduction, she may do very well, so we are not ruling that out. We do think she would be ok with cats.


Bertie is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. This cute and sweet girl will be a wonderful companion for an active family that will provide her with the daily exercise that this high-energy girl needs. A fenced yard is a must. If you would like to meet this gorgeous girl and her amazing ears, please email angie@waaag.org

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Available Cats


Murphy ~

3 Year Old Female

Meet Murphy, one of the most loving and friendly kitties you will ever encounter. She is around 3 old with beautiful eyes and markings. In a previous life she has been an indoor/outdoor kitty but that situation included some other territorial cats, and her sweet, quiet nature was not a good fit for that home. When we walk into the cat cabin, she is the first to greet us with her sweet little helium-pitched meow. And when you meet her, you will immediately hear a loud purr;  she loves to be pet, especially if it includes being curled up in your lap. She is the ultimate cuddle bug and after just a few seconds with her, you will be falling in love. Murphy is good with dogs and think she would be good with laid back cats. Murphy loves to explore the great outdoors, so she would need place with some land, like a farm. Murphy would be a loving and devoted companion that is also a good mouser, then Murphy is your girl! Murphy is spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccines. 

If you would like to meet Murphy, please send an email to adopt@waaag.org.


Shrek ~

10 Year Young Male

As you can see our Shrek is not an ogre, but he is certainly looking for love. Shrek was found as a stray by a woman who was trying to trap a raccoon and she ended up trapping Shrek instead. She initially thought he was feral because of the condition he was in. She took him to her friend who is a vet tech to treat his wounds. They quickly realized what a sweet and cuddly boy he is.


After a bit of an adjustment period when he first came to WAAAG he is eating up all the attention our volunteers are giving him. This beautiful and amazing boy is going to make a wonderful companion for a lucky single person or family. Shrek is a 10 yr young medium hair tabby. He is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and microchipped and ready to give and receive all the cuddles.

If you would like to meet Shrek, please send an email to adopt@waaag.org.


Mama Sock, Finn & Marcie ~

2 female & 1 male

Socks, Finn & Marcie. Socks is the mom, Marcie and Finn are her kittens, about 6 months old. All 3 are very shy.

A kind woman took them in when the kittens were very young. They have had limited human interaction and are still pretty scared. All 3 are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccines.
We are looking for a long shot here... a home where they can all 3 go together. A place that is patient, calm and quiet so they can continue their journey of trusting humans. They are also available to foster. If you are able to help them, please reach out to us.

If you would like to meet this trio, please send an email to adopt@waaag.org.

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